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Whip It Premium Butane is one of the purest butanes available and has virtually no impurities. Whip-It! Premium Butane is a highly trusted and supreme quality butane gas. It is the purest natural butane sourced from specific gas fields in the North Sea about 200 miles off the Scottish Coast. The premium quality ensures your lighters and torches are free from clogging and produce the cleanest burn. This is a top-notch premium butane for quality and performance as well as producing the cleanest extractions.

Many agree, Whip-It! Premium Butane makes some of the best extracts around. The large cans coupled with a high nozzle pressure and near zero impurities combine to give you excellent extraction results with some of the highest yields.

Most fuels have a lot of contaminants which will clog your lighter and contaminate your runs, Whip-It! Premium Butane does not, instead Whip-It! Premium Butane eliminates contaminants that cause clogged burner valves, misfires, malfunctions and poor extract results. Recommended for all refillable butane torches and lighters as well as for getting the best extraction results from your herbal extractions.

Whip-it!* brand Premium North Sea Butane achieved Grade A for the Global Standards of Consumer Products. Whip-it! Premium North Sea Butane has the highest Quality levels backed by worldwide governing bodies of the following Quality Control institutions; BSIISO9001:2008, British Retail Consortium Certification Body, SGS System Certification, UKAS, ANAB and IAF. Comes in a 420ML can with near ZERO impurities!


  • Large 420ml King Cans (14.2 Fl. Oz) of the Purest Butane Extracted From The North Sea
  • Backed By Several Worldwide Governing Bodies From Quality Control Institutions
  • Butane Lighter and Torch Fluid In Its Finest Form
  • Virtually Zero Impurities. Virtually Contaminant Free
  • Each Premium Can Comes With 5 Tip Adapters For Precise Refilling Into Any Lighter or Torch


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