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This lighter is straight-up BADASS! It looks cool, but it also feels awesome in your hand and your pocket. The natural cork protective cover is hand sewn to be high-quality. Cork forests contain amazing biodiversity, including many endangered species. Contrary to popular belief, Cork trees are NOT cut down for cork harvesting. Instead they are shaved and the bark quickly regrows! Buying cork responsibly ensures the cork forests and its inhabitants are protected.

Refillable ??
Pre-set flame Valve ??
Unique Packing Tool ??
Nylon safe body which is Flexible, resistant, uncrackable, and self-extinguishable ??‍??

Cork is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly materials in existence. Cork is harvested without killing the tree! It stripped off the tree and the tree quickly regrows.
It’s a true cradle-to-grave eco-material that actually benefits the environment.


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