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Mechanics Tire Fixer Inflator and Repair leaks

Hose-N-Cap System 12oz -12 Bottles

Mechanics Tire Fixer tiene una formulación especial que infla de inmediato una llanta desinflada y sella la mayoría de las ponchaduras.

Additional Features:

Made in USA. Product with Premium Quality. Easy to use. High Reliability.


Mechanics Tire Fixer is a special formula that inflates tires immediately and seals most punctures. Eliminates tire changing and the use of tools and jacks. Saves time and does not affect tire balance.

Tire sealer and inflator in one. Seals normal punctures and slow leaks. Safe on tires with pressure sensors.

For use on small tires, like found on compact cars.


This product is not intended for use on bicycles, motorcycles or other vehicles.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe for use with pressure sensing equipment.
  • Inflates and seals tires immediately
  • Repairs most leaks, allows for tire change and repair at a later time.


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