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About this item

  • Spark up incredible moments with this DJEEP BOLD Collection four count pack of pocket lighters featuring sleek, textured metallic designs.
  • Thanks to their three-tank fuel system, DJEEP lighters have a long life and last up to 3,500 lights. The pure isobutane fuel inside each pocket lighter makes a steady flame that you can adjust with the setting ring. This helps improve your lighter’s fuel economy and allows you to get the right flame height every time.
  • Every DJEEP disposable lighter has a durable reservoir made of high quality mechanical resin to help make the tank resistant to pressure. The unique lighter design has a rectangular tank and a large thumb pusher, so it’s easier to grip and light for added confidence and comfort – especially for adults with larger hands. Plus, DJEEP lighters feature a child-resistant safety guard that is compliant with CPSP requirements. Looking for a go-to lighter or a fancy lighter? DJEEP disposable lighters have you covered with stylish collections of dependable, cool lighters for men and women. Find a lighter that matches your vibe with DJEEP Unique Lighters. DJEEP lighters have it all – quality, design and style.
Weight 1.66 lbs

Bold Collection, Vibrant, Elegant, Limited Edition Mix Tape, Limited Edition Gold Matter, American Collection, Tattoo Collection


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