Smoking was cool back in the 50s, 60s till the late 90s. But people then realized that it was a harmful activity. However, people were so addicted to it that even after a lot of health warnings, it was hard to give it up.

One major reason for that was that people had no better substitute for it. Time passed, and in the early 2000s, vaping came into the scene. It was in the early stages back then, and people weren’t quite certain what it was.

Time passed, and there came big heavy mods that were great but required maintenance. Over time, the vaping scene evolved and, in its present state, offers a great substitute for cigarettes. In this article, we shall discuss why vaping is a better substitute for cigarettes. Finally, we have something that can actually put a significant dent in the tobacco industry.

Here are a few reasons why people are making a switch:

It delivers clean nicotine

There are thousands of chemicals and carcinogens that you take in when you puff up a cigarette. That means that to get the nicotine, you had to inhale countless other harmful substances as well. With vaping, according to the knowledge so far, you only take in the nicotine.

This keeps you safe from a lot of cancer-causing chemicals.

It offers portability

When the vaping scene was new, it offered great vapes, but they were hard to maintain. Now the vapes are super portable. The plug-and-play devices don’t even need any refills or anything. In fact, there are disposable vapes that you can consume and discard when the flavor runs out.

It’s super simple to use these devices. This portability makes it even more convenient than cigarettes which makes it a great tobacco substitute.

There are countless flavors

You’d agree that cigarettes aren’t very pleasant to the taste buds and nostrils. In fact, even a lot of smokers don’t like the smell when someone else is smoking. Vaping counters this by offering great flavors. Plus, there are countless intensity options that you can avail.

For instance, if you don’t want something heavy, then you can go for flavors with 3-5mg nicotine. If you want a hard hit, then you may consider a 35 mg flavor. So it’s really a preference that’s not available with tobacco.

Here’s how to make this transition into a business opportunity for yourself

Even though vaping is popular, it’s still in the growing stages. This means that there are lots of potentials for new entrepreneurs to make money by setting up a vape business. One challenge, however, is that you need the right supplier for vape products.

Because selling sub-quality products can be lethal for your business. Not only can you lose customers, you can also get penalized by the authorities. If you are planning to cash out this lucrative opportunity, then you need to ensure that you procure products from a trusted supplier only.

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Final words

Vaping industry is already putting some serious threat to the tobacco industry. There may come a time where the tobacco scene gets completely eradicated. If you want to be a part of the future and be on the winning side, then consider setting up a vape business.

You can operate it via physical stores or even sell products online.